Friday, February 6, 2009

Food Revelations #1, New Years Resolutions #2

There's a game making the rounds on Facebook where you list 25 random things about yourself. Over on culinate (which now has its own facebook-like interface for members), Kim Carlson suggested making a list of random things about yourself and food. Happily, she also suggested spreading the 25 out, over 25 days. Good idea, I might do it in one day chunks. I'll add them weekly here.

Food Revelation #1

I dislike mangoes. Intensely. People tell me that mangoes taste just like peaches. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits, and I have to say, mangoes taste nothing like peaches. People also tell me I'm missing out, and judging by most people's love for all things mango (fresh, dried, grilled, desserts, savory dishes, memoirs, and more memoirs), I'm inclined to think they might be right. It's one of my recurring New Year's Resolutions. Learn to like mangoes. Maybe this will be the year?

I'm not the first to try such a thing. Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about it back in 1996 on Slate in 'Learning to Eat Everything'. I'm hoping I'll get some good hints there. I'll need some practical advice as well. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll even manage this 'Scallop Mango Tartlet'from Chocolate and Zucchini. But I'll let you in on another secret: I'll have to overcome another food dislike first.


Grace said...

Meh. Why bother. I like mangoes but only the really fresh ones. Wait until you go to the Dominican Republic and eat one of the little ones off the tree. THEN, I assure you, you will like mangoes.

P.S. My new housemate doesn't know what mangoes are, and when we tried to explain , someone said they were like peaches. I guess there is a similarity in color and texture. Except that peaches have a better texture.

Giovanna said...

Hmm. You might be on to something. Maybe I should just chalk this dislike up to an overly-discriminating palate, and book a flight to some tropical land (to test the theory). If I wanted to make it more of a challenge, I could always work on durian.

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