Friday, February 20, 2009

Satellite Coffee Tacoma

Last week I posted a youtube video about Satellite Coffee, but never let you know how the coffee is.

It is good, that's how it is.

I spent last weekend in downtown Tacoma without a car (took the train--always fun). Luckily the weather was lovely--crisp and clear. Luckily because Satellite Coffee is (according to google maps) a 28-minute walk from the hotel where I stayed (but 6 minutes by car). I made the trek with my sister and a friend two mornings. If you haven't been to Tacoma, it's worth seeing. There's a handsome downtown, with a certain number of old brick buildings still standing amidst the newer, less attractive ones. Mt. Rainier stands watch, though its leveled off top is a bit sinister, reminding you that it's a mighty big volcano, awfully close by. You climb some hills (well, they're hills to someone who's become used to Portland) away from the working port and the sound, past some new condos (they must have spectacular views) and through Wright Park.

Wright Park, incidentally, turns out to be the home of the Seymour Botanical Conservatory--something I'm afraid we missed in our rush for coffee.

Satellite Coffee was worth the walk. It's at the back of a parking lot, perched in a funny little building with a mural of an astronaut. Climb up the wooden stairs, push open the door with the rocket shaped porthole, and you've arrived. The coffee (made with Stumptown beans) was great. Don't go looking for de-caf. They don't bother.

If you're good, though, you can get a rocket shaped sugar cookie. It was too early for me (well, I was with other people--didn't want them to know I consider cookies as reasonable a breakfast food as muffins or toast with jam), but they sure looked good.

Satellite Coffee Co.
817 Division
Tacoma, WA 98403
(253) 428-8288

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Grace said...

Mm... cookies for breakfast... I'm considering one of the last of my Valentine's cookies to finish off my breakfast, but I think I'll save it for a study break later tonight....

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