Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Secret Chocolate

Just wondering...

Do other people take fancy stationery pads from their desk drawer and find bits of chocolate smeared on the cover? And on further investigation realize the drawer is full of chocolate crumbs?

Note to self: must find secure chocolate storage. Requirements:
  • Must be easily accessible
  • Must be equally easy to conceal
  • Must not allow contamination of surroundings.
  • On second thought, contamination doesn't make sense with chocolate. How can chocolate contaminate? Must not mingle with co-drawer-dwellers.
Perhaps the answer is simply a dedicated chocolate drawer, with a false front. Or a lock and key.

Other note to self: Chocolate supply is dwindling. Lay in new stash.


Thérèse said...

Great pix. But it doesn't happen at my house anymore!

Giovanna said...

Thanks--but why doesn't it happen? You have a solution???

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