Sunday, February 8, 2009

Using it Up--Resolution #3, with Lentils and Eggs

By now I'm kind of retro-resolution making. I've been noticing all the things that come into this house--books, magazines, yarn, beans, jams--and promptly get forgotten about. Or put away, to be saved for a 'special' occasion, or a rainy day.

This year I've decided to tackle some of those things.

March's 'Food and Wine' issue arrived today. I decided to go through and earmark articles and recipes that interest me. That is nothing new--I always do that. But I also decided to pick at least one recipe to make this month.

The winner: Umbrian Lentil Stew with Olive-Oil-Fried Eggs. Three things sold me on this one.

  • I think I have some lentils in my pantry that I need to use.
  • If there are fried eggs involved, it can't be bad. In fact, it must be good. If they're fried in olive oil, I'm in love.
  • Wilted arugula, which I call rocket, is delicious, qualifies as a leafy green (I try to listen to my mother when I'm feeding the family), and is a generally bright and happy addition to dinner.

Okay, my mother would never fall for a mere 3 rocket leaves counting as a serving of leafy greens. On the other hand, it's better than nothing!


pavelz said...

Just 3 leaves?! What is this - scurvy coming!
Well if I go on like this I'll have to wash the leaves myself... o.k. 3 leaves is fine.

Grace said...

Sounds good. I'd wash all the rocket if I could share in on the food...
Dad, you crack me up.

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