Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Candy Again

When I was writing that maple creams story, I told Pavel about my ill-fated See's bet (the one involving eating a box of See's for lunch).

"A pound? You mean a one-layer box?" He looked at me thoughtfully for a second. "I could eat that, no problem."

And he wasn't kidding. You see, just as I have my beer dinner strategy, Pavel has his chocolate dinner strategy. Usually it happens after a long business trip in Asia. While he's there, he's pretty proud of how easily he, with a pronounced sweet-tooth, doesn't miss desserts.

He might not miss chocolates at all while he's in Asia (or so he assures me). But the minute he walks through a west coast airport, and sees the See's concession, he suddenly realizes he's suffering from a sweet deficiency. And so he buys a box, and eats it for dinner.

As odd dinner strategies go, it's not completely off base. I mean, with the right mix it's practically a complete meal. For protein, you've got all those nuts: marzipan, nut chews, or one of my favorites, the P-nut Crunch (4 grams of protein, thank you very much!). If you come across a Mint Krispy, your leafy green is taken care of. The apricot bonbons are not only fruit, but an excellent beta-carotene source, which is sort of like having a carrot. If you squint. A mocha buttercream with a chocolate-coated ginger makes a nice digestive.

You'll notice I didn't make a suggestion for a dessert. Will it kill you to miss dessert, just this once?

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