Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giovanna Learns Empathy

For some time, my daughter, who goes to college in the Netherlands, has complained about her inability to watch movies online. I've listened to her complaints somewhat, well, unfeelingly. So she can't watch movies online. Neither could I in college. Surely she could find something else to do.

And she did. She discovered the old musicals she wanted to see were often available on youtube--not exactly what I'd had in mind.

Anyway. Now I'm in Canada. And I thought it might be nice, after a day of walking, writing, and reading, to sit back with my knitting and watch a movie. I figured if I looked over my left shoulder once in a while, it wouldn't be a complete waste:

I've recently discovered that with a Netflix account you can watch an awful lot of movies instantly, on your computer. Surprise! This is what I saw when I logged on:

Oh well. At least the World Baseball Classic is on now. Still, I think I owe my daughter an apology.

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