Sunday, March 29, 2009

Logic Problem: Dinner

I've been down in the Bay Area this week, eating out and with my family in their homes. I'm about to catch the train back to Portland, so I can't say much now. But I will tell you this. I ate at Incanto Restaurant last night, in San Francisco. And the whole dinner was wonderful.

In fact, Pavel had 4 courses. Three of those courses had meat. He did have dessert. His entree was sardines.

Yes, it sounds like a logic problem...but it was no problem at all. The answer? Meat in dessert.

For dessert, Pavel had the prosciutto panna cotta. It was perfect. The essence of prosciutto flavoring the just right wobbly panna cotta.

And I had toast ice cream, with strawberry coulis. This could be a perfect breakfast. But it was also a perfect dessert. Little crunches of toast. Genius.

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