Saturday, March 21, 2009

Macaroon Day

In the U.S., macaroon day is May 31st. Apparently in France it was yesterday, March 20th. How did I miss my chance to double up on macaroon days?

Maybe what you're really wondering is how I found out. This morning (March 21st) I was reading Dorie Greenspans blog, and there it was. Le Jour du Macaron was yesterday. Why no warning? Imagine my sadness at realizing I'd missed out on macaroon day.

Le Jour du Macaron was started 3 years ago by Pierre Hermé--not only as a day to eat macaroons, but a day to contribute to La Federation des Maladies Orphelines, a charity that helps orphans. I might not have Pierre Hermé's macaroons available, but I do have Pix Patisserie close by, whose macaroons the New York Times famously (in these parts, anyway) said trounced Per Se's. And if teachers can administer make-up exams, I figure I can administer make-up macaroons.

I generously invited Pavel and both at-home kids. Figured I'd get to taste more that way. And I did, though sadly there was some doubling up. Anything whiskey flavored is a big draw in my family. So--a couple whiskey macaroons, one fleur du sel, and a couple margaritas. Those were lime flavored macaroons with a tequila and cointreau flavored buttercream filling, and, you guessed it, a salted rim.

Delicious. I'd put their macaroons onto my 'must eat while in Portland list'. And we also noted that they have a crème brûlée happy hour M-F from 5 to 7 PM ($2.75). Put that some place safe for future reference!

As for May 31st, I'll try to remember not to slight our own national macaroon day. Perhaps I'll go for a coconut macaroon then...I had a delicious one a couple months ago at Two Tarts Bakery, lightly scented with rosewater.

Oh...and I felt a little guilty horning in on le Jour du Macaron and ignoring its charitable intention. So I made a contribution to figure there are a lot of egg whites involved in a day like this, so a flock of chicks seemed appropriate.


Thérèse said...

Mmmm. Pix goes on my list for Portland in April...I think a macaroon crawl is in order.

Charles Shere said...

Can you stand two crawls with a couple of weeks?

Giovanna said...

Hmm. I guess I can manage a couple macaroon crawls...but only if I get to throw in a couple of their fruit jellies!

Grace said...

My goodness, mom, you are such a good person. Although I am very bummed I missed out on that margarita macaroon. It sounds very kitschy at first but once you described the filling, etc. I was hooked, and the salted rim was the final blow. Unfortunately, I don't think they sell macaroons in Middelburg - or if they do, they're probably not worth eating. I'll stick with gevulde koeken ;)

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