Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vancouver Day 1

The day starts with the view out my window (I'm lounging on the chaise longue).

And then a walk to Café Medina.

I was here last year, soon after they opened, and have been thinking about their waffles ever since--the fig orange marmalade is especially delicious, with shards of candied peel and whole figs.

But their menu has expanded since then, so we also sampled their tagine--two poached eggs atop a spicy pepper stew, a couple merguez sausages nestled at the side.

Then a walk across downtown and through the West End to the Sylvia Hotel, a truly special place. We sat back into a couple easy chairs and nursed our beers. The sun had been playing hide and seek all day, and now was out shining on English Bay. If I slouched just right in my chair I could watch the water sparkle above the rim of my beer glass.

The temperature was also zipping around today. On our way back to downtown, it was even snowing. Luckily we came upon a roasted chestnut stand. We knew what to do.

Exhausted, we ended our day at Ezogiku Noodle Cafe, for a big bowl of ramen--just the thing for us, as we both seem to be flirting with colds.


Grace said...

That is an amazing entry. It bit me with the travel bug, and the dining one too... fig and orange marmalade! That beer also looked particularly tasty, and the idea of snow combined with roasted chestnuts is pure heaven!

So, when are you taking me? :D

Giovanna said...

When will you be here? :D

Unknown said...

isn't that czhinese story the best..? Makes me feel very czentimental!

Giovanna said...

Lutzka--it is a great story--I'm kind of surprised how many times you hear of people finding each other again, or running into old friends on the street a continent away. That said, can't think of any other stories like that off the top of my head--this one is special!

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