Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bourbon and Blue Gardenia

Pavel and I are easily swayed. About a third of the way into The Blue Gardenia, somewhere after her sixth (!) Polynesian Pearl Diver, Norah was passed out on the floor, with the ceiling spinning above her.

"We probably ought to have a drink," one of us said.
"Good idea," said the other, "but not a Polynesian Pearl Diver."

I remembered reading over on The Dinner Files about marmalade bourbon sours. They seemed like a good idea. We had an open jar of bergamot marmalade in our refrigerator, thanks to my mom dad. I muddled a couple tablespoons of it with the same amount of meyer lemon juice, and then added 5 tablespoons of bourbon. Poured over some ice and an amarena cherry it made a delicious drink. Oh--you'll need a spoon or pick, to pull out all the bits of bergamot peel.

Norah had a heck of a hangover the next day, and that pesky problem of wondering if she'd killed a guy in her drunken stupor. Pavel and I are not expecting any such consequences (though maybe someone should call and check on us)--we're getting up early for breakfast at Simpatica Dining Hall.

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Charles Shere said...

Hmmm, in fact i think the bergamot marmalade was thanks to yer dad...

Giovanna said...

Oh that is bad of me...I am sorry. Thank you Dad!

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