Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Soon: Back for Seconds

I've been remiss. Maybe you've noticed (I hope so!) that I haven't posted much lately. I could make excuses; after all, my youngest just left for a year outside Naples, and there was a lot of preparation necessary. But then I remember all those women who have more children, younger children, homeschooled children AND full time jobs, AND beautiful blogs.

So I've decided not to make excuses. I just value downtime more than some people.

But I'm planning on making it up to you.

Next week I'll be starting a series here, 'Back for Seconds'. Every Monday (OK, nearly every Monday) I'll post the first of a two-part piece. The first part is about a food from my past. It might be an ingredient, or a food I ate long ago and far away. The food may be exotic or run-of-the-mill, but either way, it meant something to me, and I want to revisit.

The second part of the post will show up Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be the 'now' answer to Monday's 'then'. Monday I'll go back for seconds, in my memory; Tuesday I'll go back for real seconds. The real seconds might be a recipe. Or it might be a visit to a restaurant or market. Or perhaps my freezer.

We'll see where it takes us.


Charles Shere said...

Sounds promising, and I'll be reading. So watch out what you remember!

Grace said...

So, is that coming tomorrow? Exciting!

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