Friday, October 9, 2009

Pearl Prune Danish Update

I was just looking back at some stories on the Gourmet website, and checking for new comments on some of mine, and found an exciting one my prune danish story:
we are happy to report that prune (aka. italian plum) danish is back for the fall/winter season. thank you for your delightful article. -pearl bakery
Posted 10/1/2009.
So of course I ran over to Pearl Bakery this morning.  Fact was, we were out of bread (EDF strikes again!), and I decided we could limp along until tomorrow.  And look--there they were, side by side, my two favorites: gibassier and prune danishes.  They called them 'Italian Plum Danishes'.  But I knew what they meant.

Pearl Bakery
102 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR


Charles Shere said...

We saw a couple of boxes of beautiful Imperial prunes yesterday in Healdsburg at what used to be Anstead's. I asked where they were from because they looked just like the ones we used to get on the ranch in the old days. Dry Creek, I was told; they must be about the last prunes left being dried hereabouts. I'll get some this week...

Giovanna said...

Lucky you! I hope you got them and enjoyed them.

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