Friday, October 2, 2009

You Are What You Eat at Ampersand

Getting ready for the EDF challenge, I'm a little preoccupied with refrigerators right now.  So I was pretty excited to go to Ampersand to see their current show: You Are What You Eat. 

The show is a collection of photos by Mark Menjivar of refrigerator interiors.  Short bios of the owners are included, and they are often as evocative as the photo. For example:

Owner of defunct amusement park
Alpine, Texas
1-person household
former WWII prisoner of war

The contents of the fridges are fascinating.  One is crammed full of take-out boxes, and most are nearly empty of fruit or vegetables.  The produce drawer is as likely to hold beer or boxers as lettuce.  Freezer sections show the expected ice creams, as well as a surprise road kill...

They belong to botanists, yoga teachers, competitive eaters, short-order cooks... 

So, in fairness, here are a couple of shots of mine:

I'll skip the bio. It would probably be a good exercise, but I'll pass just the same.

And yes, that is a large bottle of corn syrup--I use it when I make candy (which is sadly not very often).

You Are What You Eat
September 23-October 25

Ampersand                                                       Tuesday -Saturday 12-6
2916 NE Alberta                                                Sunday 12-5
Portland, OR


Grace said...

In my old house at RA, we got rid of the fruit/veggie crisper altogether and made it a drink shelf. I can't wait to have a real veggie crisper so that my lettuce doesn't freeze to the back wall of the fridge!

Giovanna said...

Ha--most of the ones here left the crisper there. I suppose people like their cold boxers to be crisp as well!

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