Monday, December 7, 2009

Housekeeping and Trifles

Apparently counting isn't my strong suit.  I'd planned on marking my 100th post with some updates.  Then I realized my last post was the 100th.  So.  To mark my 101st blog post, it's time for some blog-housekeeping.

The main thing I want to draw your attention to is my new 'about' page.  For nearly a year now I've been writing this blog, breaking one of the foremost blog rules: I had no about page.  Here's a link to it; you can also reach it by clicking on the platter of plums at the top of the sidebar.  I imagine I'll be tinkering with it from now on.

Giovanna's Trifles now has a page on facebook.  I'm posting links to my new blog posts there, but also putting up links to other blogs and articles I (and hopefully others) find interesting or amusing.  I hope you'll join me there.

I've also some shuffling and removing of sidebar elements.  If you look there now, you'll find links to my about page and contact info.  You can also subscibe to my blog's feed, follow me on twitter, or join my new facebook page.  There's a place to search my blog, or browse by blog post labels.  If you decide you want to find a book, there's a Powell's search box as well.

Over the next few weeks I'm planning on adding some other pages: a recipe page, a links page, and a Back for Seconds page.  Look for them.

And about 'Back for Seconds':  it's taking a brief hiatus until after Christmas (though I may stick in one or two before).  When it returns, it will probably change to a once a week format (part one the first week, part two the second).

Lastly, if you print a post now,  you'll get a text-only printout.  In coming weeks I hope to add a print recipe only option--I'm still deciding how I want to do it.

Here's to the next 101 posts!

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