Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog for Food 2010

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In Portland, eating locally is a joy—we have access to locally grown produce, and locally raised and butchered meats.  Coffee roasters, bakeries and chocolatiers  fill our cups and satisfy our sweet tooths. 

Sadly, many Oregonians are hungry; they aren’t sharing in this abundance.  The Oregon Food Bank works to eliminate hunger, serving all of Oregon as well as Washington’s Clark County.  They work are central to 935 hunger-relief agencies, distributing food through 20 food banks to over 340 food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

The Blog for Food campaign runs from February 15th to March 15th, spreading the word through blogs.  The aim is to help the Oregon Food Bank with their mission to feed everyone in Oregon who needs help getting meals.

Please click to donate to the Oregon Food Bank.  Be sure to add ‘blog for food’ in the ‘in honor of’ section of the donation page (the second page of the form). 

Cooking Up a Story has provided a link to Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator page for people outside Oregon who want to support their local food bank. 

As much as we enjoy eating locally, we need to remember that part of that pleasure is remembering our responsibility to help feed locally as well.

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