Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Chocolates

April 1 Bonbons 03

What better way to greet the new season than with a chocolate? 

April 1 Bonbons 02

Okay, I’ll admit chocolate might not be the first thing to come to mind in early spring, when rhubarb is showing up, rosy and eager, in yards and at markets.  On the other hand, Easter is right around the corner, so chocolate is on many people’s minds.

April Fools 04 April Fools 06 April Fools 07

All that said, the real season we’re marking here is the season of joking.  That’s right, April Fools!

April Fools Bonbons 02

These might look about the size of chocolate-dipped marshmallows, and they feel about the right weight.  When you bite into them, they even initially give way like marshmallows.  But  then they start to feel a little cottony in your mouth.  Like chocolate covered cotton balls.

April 1 Bonbons 01

For years my children took these chocolates to their teachers on April Fools’ Day.  I don’t think they ever quite fell for it—what teacher, parent, or any other sentient being wouldn’t be suspicious of children bearing gifts on April 1?

But a few let their love of chocolate get the best of them, and took a bite.  Or maybe they just had good senses of humor.

Chocolate-Covered Cotton Balls

To make these, simply melt some chocolate, and then dip cotton balls, coating them completely.  Decorate with silver dragees, or  allow the chocolate to swirl attractively on top.  Allow to set on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. 

For the most successful joke, do put the chocolates in candy cups, and pack in a candy box.  

About the chocolate: Use something cheap (bulk chocolate chips, a couple of Hershey bars)—this is not the time for exquisite chocolate!  I would also suggest you not bother tempering the chocolate.  Because, in the end, this batch of chocolates will end up in the garbage.

But not before you have a laugh.


lshere said...

Nice pictures!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Oh, you're evil. I love that!!!
(and you know what, I'd eat cotton balls, if they were covered in that plush chocolate)

Ciao, happy Pesce d'Aprile
Ele xx

Giovanna said...

Yes, well...I suppose you could suck the chocolate off (at least you wouldn't get a chipped tooth this time!)

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