Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Man with Greens or Portland 10

I’m sure you all know this famous Elliott Erwitt photo, Provence 55.

provence 55
It’s one of those iconic photos—the kind that made an entire generation of Americans assume that all Frenchmen rode around on their bikes, carrying baguettes (without crunching off the heels! How did they do that? Clearly French people have more self-discipline than I do.).

They also always wear berets—which leads me to another question.  Is there a word like ‘shod’ for hat-wearing?

Dorie Greenspan wrote a post about Provence 55 last year on her blog. She also included the link to a slideshow of Erwitt’s work.


This next photo is of a common Saturday morning view on Portland streets.  In case you were wondering, it is not an Elliott Erwitt photo.   It's a Grace Zivny photo, taken out the car window on my iphone. I did direct the shot.

Portland 10

What do you think.  Lacinato kale and collard greens? Or Swiss chard?

Just so you know, all Portlanders do not wear shorts and tennis shoes.  But many do.  And don't worry--the photo is cropped.  We obeyed all rules and etiquette of the road.


Eleonora Baldwin said...

What a lovely post, G! I love your witty prose.

I'd say 'cavolo nero' and 'bietola... you translate!

E xx

Joanna said...

Is there a word like ‘shod’ for hat-wearing?

Lidded? Chapeau'd?
Wait, what about "hatted"?
I think I like chapeau'd the best.

lshere said...

I like that the weight of the greens is distributed so evenly.

Giovanna said...

Eleonora--glad I could give you a laugh. According to Wikipedia, lacinato kale goes by all these other names: black cabbage, Tuscan Cabbage, Tuscan Kale Lutes, dinosaur Kale Lutes, and, yes, Cavalo nero.

I think the British call Swiss chard 'silverbeet', which makes me shudder. It reminds me of silver fish, and I make it a point not to think of them.

Joanna--I like chapeau'd as well, but think lidded has a nice finality to it. And since the hat is the last thing you put on, that seems right.

Lshere--that the weight is distrubuted evenly suggests a balanced meal ahead. Always a good thing.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks for reminder about Elliot Erwitt…one of my fave photogs. The sense of humor and humanity in his pictures just slay me.

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