Monday, March 21, 2011

Bakesale for Japan

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Like many, I found it difficult to imagine how I could help after the earthquake in Japan.  And it felt close.  My husband travels frequently to Japan on business (he was supposed to fly through Tokyo the day after the quake).  He has colleagues there, we have friends there.

Then I read Ruth Reichl’s post, ‘Why Food Matters’, written in response to a twitter upset (it was all resolved very civilly, on both sides). 

She writes: “But in the face of ongoing disaster, it is also our moral responsibility to appreciate what we have. That is why cooking good food for the people that I love is so important to me; in a world filled with no, it is a big yes.”  And I agree with her.

Here’s a great chance to do just that. Last year, Samin Nosrat had a bake sale in the Bay Area to benefit Haiti earthquake relief, and raised $23,000.  This year she’s helping people across the country join in the baking (and donating and eating!).  As of today, there are bake sales planned in 18 cities and counting.

One of them is here in Portland. We are excited to join Samin’s nationwide effort by bringing both home bakers and professional bakers together to raise some big money for Peace Winds Japan, a partner of Mercy Corps

For more information about how to help out here in Portland, email  Elsewhere, check Samin’s blog to see if a bake sale is coming to your town—or to learn how to put on your own bake sale. 
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