Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Fried Egg

use egg 1

It seemed like such a good idea, a way to resume <ahem> posting more regularly.  A weekly feature, the best thing I ate in the preceding week.

But here I am, week 1, and I’m finding it’s harder than I expected.  Sunday’s impressive dinner at Castagna was only making the decision more difficult, so I won’t count it here.  Hey—it’s my game; I can make the rules!

(Portland Culinary Alliance put on the book event dinner, cooked by Matt Lightner, celebrating Hank Shaw's new book, Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast).

If I have to pick? Probably my favorite thing I ate last week is what I ate for lunch nearly every day. A fried egg.  But what an egg!

use egg 2

First I heat some olive oil, and then break in an egg.  A slice of bread goes into the toaster.  I put a few sprigs of oregano on top of the egg, and then a few of Mama Lil’s peppers, red, and orange.

use egg 3

The peppers' orange oil pools in the egg white and I flip the egg.  I leave it in the pan for just a second before sliding it onto my plate.

use egg 5

Don’t forget to pour any remaining olive oil from the pan onto your toast.

A messy fried egg. That’s probably my favorite thing I ate last week.

use egg 6
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