Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Like Cake

Make no mistake. 

Last week started off poorly.  Nothing particularly awful, but nothing quite right either.  When my cell phone deleted all my contacts, I began to think some cake would be nice.
Times like this I always remember a Kim Severson tweet from nearly 2 years ago: “Great advice from a 77-year-old Alabama cook: When you're feeling down just get in the kitchen and bake someone a cake.”

I follow this advice now and again, though the someone in question often (okay, usually) ends up being me.
But I do share!

Wednesday afternoon the mailman came.  He brought a package.

 Do you remember the end of my last post, where I wrote about the Maira Kalman t-shirt, ‘I like pie and that’s no lie’?  I mentioned that there should be a companion shirt, ‘I like cake make no mistake’. 

  This is what I found inside my package:

cake 1
Funny, you’d think the sun would shine for a shirt this great
No note, but I had a pretty good idea who it was from.  Suddenly things seemed just fine. 

So I got some butter out to soften.

The next day the butter was still softening.  It would be 3 days before I actually baked the cake.  But finally I did bake the cake, make no mistake. 

My phone (which has since apologized and allowed me to recover my contacts) also somehow lost the photo I took. But you can imagine it.   When I just want a piece of cake, I like a plain yellow two layer with chocolate frosting.  And maybe a glass of milk.  And a husband, kid, or friend to share it with.

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